WP-CLI Now Available for All Accounts

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We are constantly looking for new ways to add additionally value to our platform and make things easier (and if possible, fun) for our customers. WP-CLI is a handy set of terminal (or command prompt) commands to update or otherwise manage WordPress installations. Its 100% free and super easy to use once installed. This one seemed like a no brainer!

Since all of our plans include SSH capabilities, every plan can take advantage of the power of WP-CLI via SSH.

See this article for instructions on connecting via SSH

Who would use WP-CLI?

  • Advanced Users
  • Plugin/Theme Developers
  • System Administrators

This is not a feature that is used by most users, but is included as a convenience in case it is needed. Additionally, certain platform functions may utilize WP-CLI commands as well.

wp-cli commands table

Table of available WP-CLI commands


We hope that everyone finds this new capability as useful as we do! If you have questions about using WP-CLI in your TitanHost account, contact our support team for assistance.



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