When and Why to use a Child Theme

When and Why to Use a Child Theme

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Many WordPress themes come with customization features that you can utilize without needing to make any code changes. Many themes allow you to make simple and complex customizations to the theme all within the WordPress dashboard. But sometimes, the theme your site uses may not have a way to alter something within the dashboard, requiring you to modify the files of your theme in order to make the change. In this article, we’ll discuss the safe way to modify your theme’s files by using a Child theme. What is a child theme? A child theme is a WordPress term for …

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How to Choose a WordPress Theme

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Choosing a theme for your WordPress website is exciting, but can quickly feel daunting. With so many themes to choose from, it helps to know what to look for when reviewing your choices. Some themes are free, some have one-time fees, and others have yearly fees. In this article, we’ll discuss a few tips and guidelines for picking the perfect theme for your WordPress site. Consider your needs Before you start searching for themes, take a moment to consider the purpose of your site and the tone you want to convey. If you’re making a blog about parenting tips, you’d …

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How to Start a WordPress Blog

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Do you have a lot of thoughts about a particular topic? Do you feel like you have the knowledge to share with others? If so, you may want to start a blog! Whatever your motivations are, starting a blog can be a fun and empowering experience. Using WordPress, starting a blog has never been easier. In this post, we’ll talk about what things you should consider when starting a new blog and share a few tips for success! Not sure if WordPress is best for your blog? Check out our Post: Is WordPress a Good Choice for Your Website? Determine …

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Is WordPress a Good Choice For Your Website?

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If you’re thinking about making a new website or blog, you are likely to be more focused on the content or design than the platform the site runs on. But choosing a quality platform to manage your website is very important and can impact your site in many ways, both directly and indirectly. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) used by over 34% of the internet to make websites, apps, and blogs. But there are a ton of choices available to make a website, how do you know which one is best for you? Note: This post is covering …

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How to Add CSS & JavaScript Files to your WordPress Site

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For one reason or another, you may find yourself needing to add a script or stylesheet to your WordPress site. Maybe you’re trying out a new font or you want to add a cool JavaScript plugin to your theme. There are a few different ways you can do this, but there’s one approach in particular that you should take whenever possible. Additionally, this approach is considered the “proper way” to include CSS & JavaScript files in your WordPress site, per the WordPress Codex. One upfront disclaimer: This method involves modifying the code in your theme. If you’re using a premium …

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Easily Add Redirects to your WordPress Site for Free

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Redirects are used whenever you delete a page or change its URL to point a visitor towards a useful page instead of a 404 – Page Not Found page. For instance, if you’re updating the look of your website and remove some old pages, you’d ideally want anyone who hits those old pages to either be directed to the new equivalent page or be taken somewhere useful. This enables visitors to continue to explore your site or search for something else. If Google indexes a page and you then remove that page or change its URL, it will flag this …

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Using Transmit 5 with WordPress

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If you work with WordPress regularly, there’s a good chance you’ve used FTP to update your site’s files. There are numerous FTP clients available that allow you to use FTP with your WordPress site. This article discusses a fantastic FTP client: Transmit 5, and how it can make your FTP experience better, even enjoyable. This post is not sponsored content, we’re just really big fans of the software! Note: Transmit 5 is available for macOS only. Wait, what is FTP? For the uninitiated, FTP, or File Transfer Protocol is a method of communication and transfer used to move and change files between …

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3 Best Practices for WordPress Plugins

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One of the great things about WordPress is the plugin ecosystem. At the time of writing, over 40,000 plugins exist in the WordPress Plugin Repository, adding loads of additional functionality. However, using plugins is not as simple as installing them and forgetting them. While many WordPress plugins are easy to setup and use, there are some general best practices that should be observed when working with the plugins on your WordPress site. 1. Only use the plugins you need While it’s tempting to install a bunch of plugins, you should carefully consider if a plugin is in fact necessary before …

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4 Great WordPress Plugins for Any Website

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At the time of writing, there are over 50,000+ plugins in the WordPress.org Plugin Repository. That’s an enormous amount to choose from and picking the right ones can be a challenge. Every WordPress site is unique; there isn’t a true “one size fits all” configuration or set of plugins to use. We’ve put together a list of some solid choices that we’ve seen many customers use and some others that I have personal experience with. 1. SEO: Yoast SEO WordPress is a very SEO friendly platform out of the box. However, WordPress doesn’t include easy options for adding meta tags, …


WP-CLI Now Available for All Accounts

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We are constantly looking for new ways to add additionally value to our platform and make things easier (and if possible, fun) for our customers. WP-CLI is a handy set of terminal (or command prompt) commands to update or otherwise manage WordPress installations. Its 100% free and super easy to use once installed. This one seemed like a no brainer! Since all of our plans include SSH capabilities, every plan can take advantage of the power of WP-CLI via SSH. See this article for instructions on connecting via SSH Who would use WP-CLI? Advanced Users Plugin/Theme Developers System Administrators This is not …