Transmit 5 by Panic Inc

Using Transmit 5 with WordPress

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If you work with WordPress regularly, there’s a good chance you’ve used FTP to update your site’s files. There are numerous FTP clients available that allow you to use FTP with your WordPress site. This article discusses a fantastic FTP client: Transmit 5, and how it can make your FTP experience better, even enjoyable. This post is not sponsored content, we’re just really big fans of the software! Note: Transmit 5 is available for macOS only. Wait, what is FTP? For the uninitiated, FTP, or File Transfer Protocol is a method of communication and transfer used to move and change files between …

Marketers Delight – A Theme for Bloggers and Marketers

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The ability to choose and customize themes is one of the biggest strengths of WordPress as a platform. That being said, it is important to remember that not all themes are created equal. Some themes try to cater to everyone and include a litany of customization options and settings. Some themes are bare bones and meant for a developer to build everything from scratch, using the theme as a starting point. Depending on your experience or available time, building a theme completely from scratch may not be practical. Also, you may find that using a theme that tries to do …