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The ability to choose and customize themes is one of the biggest strengths of WordPress as a platform. That being said, it is important to remember that not all themes are created equal. Some themes try to cater to everyone and include a litany of customization options and settings. Some themes are bare bones and meant for a developer to build everything from scratch, using the theme as a starting point. Depending on your experience or available time, building a theme completely from scratch may not be practical. Also, you may find that using a theme that tries to do everything ends up being a time-sink itself, as you struggle to find a way to manipulate the theme’s options to get the look you want.

Enter Marketers Delight

Marketers Delight (MD) by Alex Mangini is a theme that provides a strong set of built in capabilities while still being flexible enough to style and edit to suit your needs. MD aims to provide a toolkit for bloggers and marketers to create stunning, conversion-focused WordPress sites without needing to use a large number of plugins or confusing editors. From the ground up, MD is designed to maximize the strengths of WordPress as a platform and provide a simple, point-and-click experience throughout the WordPress dashboard. This is in contrast to the drag-n-drop editors and page builder plugins often found bundled with many popular themes. While such editors are quite popular, there are still a large number of WordPress designers/developers who eschew them in favor of a simpler experience which allows them more direct control over their theme.

MD also comes with a pre-setup Child Theme which can be used for even more advanced customization. Generally speaking, using a Child Theme is recommended as it helps preserve any theme modifications you’ve made when your theme is updated.

Marketers Delight Features


Marketers Delight Features

Marketers Delight has a large number of handy features built in that you can easily enable or disable as needed:

Page Leads 

Page Leads are a powerful system of tools built into Marketers Delight that makes building custom call-to-action areas throughout your website as easy as filling out some text fields.

Learn more about Page Leads.

Email Forms

Connect to your favorite email service provider (such as MailChimp, aWeber, and others) and show email signup forms without touching a line of code.

Learn more about Email Forms.

Page-specific layout options

To make important layout decisions about your pages easy, Marketers Delight provides you with convenient layout options right from your post editor. Without juggling different page templates to turn a page into a landing page, you can simply click a few checkboxes to remove any elements on the page you don’t need.

Learn more about Layout Options.


MD Popups is a complete popups builder that gives you the tools for strategically placing popup forms around your site using the WordPress Customizer.

Learn more about Popups.

Featured Image Covers

Easily change how a given page/post’s featured image is displayed. Great for easily creating a “hero” section.

Learn more about Featured Image Covers.

Extra Widgets

Marketers Delight adds 3 useful Widgets to your site that make personalizing your sidebars and footer area in MD a little more fun. You can easily create custom sidebars on a per-page basis as well.

Learn more about MD widgets.

After Post Call-to-Action (CTA)

Add custom-designed email forms, popup triggers and buy buttons after any post with the After Post meta box.

MD Pro Share – Social Sharing

MD Pro Share gives you the power to quickly add share buttons around your site, and in a precise way.

Learn more about social sharing buttons.

CSS Helper Styles

Use a variety of pre-written styles and classes to quickly create beautiful layouts.

Learn more about available styles.

Additional SEO Functionality

Marketers Delight has some additional neat functionality under the hood that helps your site rank better in search engines: Markup

Having markup allows search engines to better understand the content of your site and rank your content in a more accurate way and this is something that most themes do not include out of the box. Super cool!

Learn more about markup.

Google “Mobile-Friendly” styles

Marketers Delight is configured to meet Google’s “Mobile Friendly” standards out of the box. Note: If you add your own CSS styles you’ll need to make sure you’re operating in the same guidelines.

Learn more about Google’s Mobile-Friendly Guidelines.

Try Marketers Delight

Marketers Delight is a fantastic choice for bloggers and online marketers who want to make stunning, conversion-focused websites. All licenses include 1 year of theme support and updates, with new features being released all the time.

Additionally, we are currently offering a 30% discount to all Marketers Delight customers! Once you purchase Marketers Delight, you’ll have access to the discount code.
Note: discount applies to new accounts only.

Click the button below to view license pricing and other information:

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