4 Great WordPress Plugins for Any Website

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At the time of writing, there are over 50,000+ plugins in the WordPress.org Plugin Repository. That’s an enormous amount to choose from and picking the right ones can be a challenge. Every WordPress site is unique; there isn’t a true “one size fits all” configuration or set of plugins to use. We’ve put together a list of some solid choices that we’ve seen many customers use and some others that I have personal experience with. 1. SEO: Yoast SEO WordPress is a very SEO friendly platform out of the box. However, WordPress doesn’t include easy options for adding meta tags, …


Marketers Delight – A Theme for Bloggers and Marketers

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The ability to choose and customize themes is one of the biggest strengths of WordPress as a platform. That being said, it is important to remember that not all themes are created equal. Some themes try to cater to everyone and include a litany of customization options and settings. Some themes are bare bones and meant for a developer to build everything from scratch, using the theme as a starting point. Depending on your experience or available time, building a theme completely from scratch may not be practical. Also, you may find that using a theme that tries to do …

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5 Ways to Improve WordPress Site Performance

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Customers often ask: “How can I make my WordPress site faster?” Anyone who runs a website (WordPress or not) should be concerned about how fast their pages load. Studies have shown that page load times can dramatically influence conversion rates (source). Most visitors will consider a load time of three seconds or less acceptable. Anything more than three┬áseconds, and visitors will begin to get impatient. So how fast should my WordPress website be? That being said, your goal should be to ensure your site loads at around three┬áseconds or less if at all possible. This is not always feasible due …