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Is WordPress a Good Choice For Your Website?

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If you’re thinking about making a new website or blog, you are likely to be more focused on the content or design than the platform the site runs on. But choosing a quality platform to manage your website is very important and can impact your site in many ways, both directly and indirectly. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) used by over 34% of the internet to make websites, apps, and blogs. But there are a ton of choices available to make a website, how do you know which one is best for you?

Note: This post is covering (i.e. open-source WordPress).

Why WordPress is a good choice

Below we examine some qualities that make WordPress a fantastic choice for your website.

Free to Use

You can download WordPress from for free at any time. Most plugins and themes (including some best-of-breed options like Yoast SEO and Advanced Custom Fields) are free as well. So the minimum required expenses would be your website’s domain and hosting.

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WordPress started as a blogging platform, but for years it’s been used for everything from a personal blog to enterprise web applications. Even if you’re not a developer, you can use WordPress to build all kinds of custom things very quickly and take advantage of a bunch of built-in functionality while you’re at it. If you are a developer, you’ll find there are many handy tools to structure your data and a handy templating system to build or modify a theme.

If you want to start a blog and later add an online store, you can do that for little to no cost using WooCommerce. If you want to set up a learning portal, you can do so for free using Sensei. Plugins and themes will often include numerous customization options, so you can implement them in the way that you need them to work.

If you’re not into writing code, you’ll find there’s often a lot you can do without having to write any code or understand in-depth technical subjects. If you are into coding, the WordPress Codex has a ton of great documentation to help you learn what WordPress is capable of.

SEO Friendly

When you’re making a new website you’ll want to make sure it is able to easily be indexed and understood by search engines. WordPress provides many options for making your website search engine friendly by default and has numerous other free options (such as the aforementioned Yoast SEO plugin) to fill in any other gaps. One key example is URLs (or permalinks): WordPress allows you to use easy human-readable URLs (such as Additionally, WordPress automatically adds a page title tag for your pages and posts.

Ultimately it is up to you to make your own content SEO friendly. WordPress makes it easy to do so you can focus on making great content, which is a large part of SEO anyways!


WordPress is frequently updated to include new features as well as security patches. Almost all security issues with WordPress relate to a site running out-of-date plugins and themes or using an old version of WordPress (or both). So, if you keep your WordPress site software up to date you’ll largely eliminate the potential for malicious infections.

A quality WordPress focused host will help you handle these updates and provide additional support in the event you do experience a security issue. Here at TitanHost, we handle WordPress updates and security issues for our customers at no additional cost on all of our plans.

Actively Updated

WordPress frequently receives both major and minor updates to the core software, with major updates happening 1-3 times per year. Unlike other platforms, updating to the latest version of WordPress usually can be done quickly and easily. Updates include new features and enhancements, as well as bug & security fixes.

Large Community

WordPress has a large worldwide community of hundreds of thousands of users ranging all kinds of experience levels, from site-owner to developer. There are hundreds of WordPress events that are listed on that you can attend to ask questions and share what you’ve learned with others.


WordPress is a stable and flexible platform that grows more and more each year and is a great choice for creating your next website. If you’re thinking of starting your next website, online store, or blog, give WordPress a try! You can learn more about WordPress at

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